[free] Schema Fastest SEO WordPress Theme free download

Schema fast download, ultra-SEO-friendly WordPress theme. Includes all the advanced features of MyThemeShop, including a panel of our custom options,

Schema Fastest SEO WordPress Theme free download

Schema fast download, ultra-SEO-friendly WordPress theme. Includes all the advanced features of MyThemeShop, including a panel of our custom options, all of our shortcodes and widgets, and a complete pixel design, Schema includes rich captions to help search engines understand your site and elevate you. 

If you are serious about blogging and using a website, you probably know how important, or difficult, it is to rate Google. Not all websites are created equal and some are ranked better than others.

The Schema theme helps your competitors out of the water by having an excellent SEO-friendly yet simple, advanced yet easy-to-use website and uploads so fast that your users (and Google) will love you for it.

Schema Fastest SEO WordPress Theme free download

You already know how important SEO is on-site. You also know that Google considers time to load a website as a major stand in its algorithms. That's why we created Schema - a great theme, your competitors will wish they had bought it before you.

Schema is not only the SEO-friendly WordPress theme we have ever built, but it is also one quick slide. Handwritten with quality code, and keeping good SEO practices in mind, it has a built-in review system and comes pre-configured with rich caption support.

We always want to deliver the best WP themes and that’s why we always research what users want and what works for successful blogs right now. We want to help our users replicate other people's success by having a premium WP SEO theme proven to work.

With the Schema theme, we wanted to add all the code we used to help load your website faster. We’ve explored every single line of code so that the Schema theme is the fastest WordPress theme to come out of our door. WordPress SEO themes have twelve dimes but none include SEO features, speed, build, composition, response, and functionality similar to our Schema theme.

Every line, every character, every comment used in the theme code has a purpose which means that the theme is as relevant as possible. A side effect of all of this is the theme that beats all themes out there when it comes to speed. Don’t take our name for it, just try it on any of our theme themes to see how good our Schema theme is.

As with any of our products, the Schema theme comes with a ton of options in addition to the functional features.

Schema has the option of allowing you to place ads easily. This means you do not have to rely on third-party ad plugins to place ads on your blog. You must direct to the Ads Management Panel and paste your code into one of the pre-set ad posts. That's all. Getting it from your website is now a child's task.

There are many customization options that you can use to change various aspects of your website. Unlimited color options, BG pattern selection, BG footer selection, and unlimited sidebar options are just a few of the few options available.

You don’t find in other themes a function tab to help create this fast-paced theme with a fast WordPress theme. The tab contains options to help you disabler 'URLs, improve WooCommerce documents, make images upload, etc. All of this, if used properly, could mean that your website is loading like a rocket and operating like a Ferrari.

There are 2 theme editing options included so if you like a small or standard *** head menu - this team won't let you down.

You can also create a header attached to this team so that the important pages on your website are always accessible to your visitor.

Here are a few features that set the Schema WP theme ahead of the competition:

  • SEO features
  • Safe, Lightweight Code
  • Easily accessible content
  • Instant Uploading Sites
  • SEO Friendly Design and code
  • Friendship Google Algorithm
  • Transparency Content and Media
  • User Keeping Pages Read
  • It builds trust and security in the eyes of Google
  • Built-in updates
  • Social Media voting performance
  • Rich Captions
  • Design Features
  • Shortcodes
  • All Google Fonts
  • Header Designs 2
  • 2 icon page layouts
  • Performance
  • Response
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Markup
  • Status Data Included
  • Easy import
  • Ad management
  • Translation OK
  • Panel Options
  • Custom CSS category
  • But Why Should I Care?
  • Because with Schema, you can access
  • High ad earnings
  • Multi-page views
  • Advanced Search Rates
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Browser Cross and Device Compatibility
  • Multiple social media shares
  • Now, here is the list of options this team comes up with:

  • General settings:
  • Upload Logo Option Option
  • Upload your Favicon option
  • Easily Set Apple Device Icons
  • Upload the Windows Phones icon
  • Tracking Codes Included
  • Twitter button installed
  • FeedBurner integration
  • Enable/disable feedback
  • Built-in Search Engine Verification Category
  • Simply Set Product Count on the Homepage
  • More Pagination options
  • Built-in AJAX Search Option
  • 100% Fluid Response
  • RTL support
  • Performance options
  • Laziness Loading Fast Speed ​​Option
  • Sync JavaScript with advanced page speed
  • Enable / disable pre-download
  • Option to clear Advanced Browser Cache parameters
  • Option to expand WooCommerce scripts
  • Style Options
  • Change Color Schemes Easily
  • Change Background Color Easily
  • Parallax Effect Included
  • 60+ background patterns included
  • Right or left sidebar style options
  • Option to Change Local Domain
  • Custom CSS Category
  • Lightbox Images option
  • Header creation options
  • Multiple Header Options
  • Floating Navigation Menu Option
  • Display Public Thumbnails in the Subject
  • Show / Hide Logo header
  • Homepage Options
  • Enable or disable the homepage slider
  • Resize the thumbnails of the homepage
  • Select Featured Categories on the Homepage
  • Select the Post Meta details for the homepage
  • Footer Options
  • Foot Category Enable / Disable Option
  • Background Image Option
  • Copyright Category Built-in
  • Change Footer Color and Fonts
  • Single Posting Settings
  • One post that is easy to use categories
  • Breadcrumbs Built-in
  • Post Meta details. Enable / disable options
  • Highlighting Comment Author
  • The difference.
  • Featured community buttons
  • Built-in ad management options
  • Supports Unlimited Sidebars
  • 600+ built-in fonts with Advanced Typography options
  • Built-in Translation Panel
  • Import / Uninstall Themes Settings