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 Some time ago, you received an email notification from Google Search Console about the problem of the Breadcrumb schema being unusableHow to overcome it? Before you fix this problem, it's good to know what is.

Error Breadcrumb? Schema is no longer used

What is

Structured data is deploying structured data Google was introduced in 2009. The data is tracked by data structure two years later in 2011.
Data structured data is open-source structured data supported by Google and other organizations. In 2011, Google updated its page to add links to other sites to encourage the transition to 's structured data.

What is a structured data diagram?

In addition to the structured data formats, structured data schemas act like a dictionary, defining terms for types of things (for example, "People", "Events") and for attributes and relationships (eg "name"). By maintaining the separation between formats and schemas, users of different formats can leverage the same and widely shared schema.
Even so, Google will still support this version of structured data until Google will stop using starting April 2020.

Here's a notice from Google explaining changes from the data. This structured data:

As of April 6, 2020, markup will no longer be eligible for Google's rich results feature.

So if your blog is still using it, turns to data structure.
For example, Breadcrumb markup is attached to your template like this

<div class = 'breadcrumbs'> 

<span itemscope = '' itemtype = 'https: //'> <a expr: href = 'data: blog.homepageUrl' itemprop = 'url' title = 'Home'> <span itemprop = 'title'> Home </span> </a> </span> 

<b: loop values ​​= 'data: post.labels' var = 'label'> 

<i aria-hidden = 'true' class = 'fa fa-angle-right' /> 

<span itemscope = '' itemtype = 'https: //'> 

<a expr: href = 'data: label.url + ``? max-results = 7 '' expr: title = 'data:' itemprop = 'url'> 

<span itemprop = 'title'> 




To fix this, you need to replace Breadcrumb that was installed with this latest version of How to Fix this Breadcrumb Error in Blogger Search Console!

Good luck!