Follow By Email widget Feedburner is going away-closed

Google services are constantly being updated. Let them know in advance what they will update or replace. Currently, there is a huge opportunity with the FeedBurner service, due to the updated service in this feed and the Blogger Subscription Widget will also be hit from July 2021.
Follow By Email widget Feedburner is going away-closed

What is a feedburner?

FeedBurner is a free Google web feed management service that allows you to customize the function of your RSS feeds. It manages the store to provide custom RSS feeds, allowing you to subscribe to new update posts via email for free.

FeedBurner is a web feed subscription service that provides bloggers, podcasters, and other publishers of web URL based content. It was built in 2004 and was acquired by Google in 2007.

FeedBurner also offers a free email subscription service. This will automatically send new posts you have posted to your feed, which will be automatically notified on your subscriber email.

FeedBurner News Update Goes

With this update, Blogger will follow after April 13, 2021 via the email widget. In July 2021, FeedBurner Group announced that their email subscription service would not be supported. At that point the Blogger email subscription widget, also known as the follow email: widget, will stop working.

In a word, the feedburner is no longer completely removed. Announce that by July 2021 the feedburner will go into maintenance mode. This leads to "more sustainable, modern infrastructure". According to the announcement, "The current feed service will continue to serve, and regular users can download past usage statistics and email subscriptions as a CSI file."

Very serious news for bloggers.

I received an updated notification from FeedBurner that after the email widget on Blogger will stop working in July, (FeedBurner) is excited to go.

follow by email Went Without Widget (FeedBurner)

You get this information because your blog uses the FollowByEmail Widget (FeedBurner).

Recently, the FeedBurner Group issued a system update announcement that the email subscription service would be discontinued in July 2021.

After July 2021, your feed will still be active, but automated emails for your subscribers will no longer be supported. If you want to send regular emails, your customer can download the contact. How to learn

Starting in July, the service will be discontinued as FeedBurner moves to a more stable, modern infrastructure. Feedburner users have no reason to fail here. This product works as before so that all users can continue and the only subscription widget stops working.

That update will reset most non-primary feed management features, including email subscriptions. Unfortunately, FeedBurner users need to download the email client from the Google FeedBurner group to manage email subscriptions.

Some ideas to update:

  • It takes a paid and free version, which allows you to migrate to any site like WordPress, and it calls for better service than others.
  • In many days this Google service does not update its blog and all products compared to the preferences of competitors.
  • Furthermore, the money available from the service of the new site can be a real thing.
  • FeedBurner FollowByMail We know this item will kick off many bloggers. I think this service should be better.
  • Limit the issues. FeedBurner is free. Bloggers are commonly used on email services and RSS to email marketing sites. On the other hand, newsletter services are not popular. This is a big reason that everyone is using every other CMS platform equally at this time.

So what changed - What does not change:

  • Primary Non-Feed Management Features
  • Make your stories public in the feed
  • Change feed URL
  • Change feed source
  • change the caption
  • Change podcast media
  • Email Subscriptions
  • User friendly
  • Password protector
  • Primary analysis
  • Get design feature tag for mp3 files
  • Login features
If you use these features they will change and nothing will change for Google notification.

A Google FeedBurner official said that the subscription service was generally requested not to be withdrawn, but it was not immediately clear whether it would launch the service in the future. So, FeedBurner users can download their subscriber email list and use alternative services to manage email subscriptions, but for this, you have to download your subscriber list. E-mail.

If you return this service in the future, you can go to a new email subscription service and use other services without any loss. Google gives you plenty of time to go for the new email subscription service. This data can be downloaded after July. So do not panic.

In July 2021, Google discontinued the email subscription service. Your email subscribers can be exported to CSV or downloaded and stored in Excel to collect your subscriber data.

How to export your email subscribers to CSV

Learn to download or export FeedBurner contacts by exporting your spreadsheet software, which makes it easy to view Excel and Google Sheets or emails, and you can add all types of CSV files (subscription, subscription).

Visit the FeedBurner email subscription service on your dashboard.

  • Click to select your blog (if there are many blogs).
  • Click the Analyze Text button.
  • Click on Feed Statistics FeedBurner
  • Go to Email subscription service option.
  • Click Manage your email subscriber list
  • Download to select total customers by export: CSV

YouTube instructs you to export a list of your followers to email.

What is an email subscription gadget?

All users of the blogspot site use Google FeedBurner and manage the email subscription service for their blog. The update will stop working in July.

Unfortunately, there is a free newsletter service that allows you to send email campaigns to a list of email subscribers, this means that people will lose emails to your followers. Everything like me will be removed by free google