[Free] Infinite JLB Best Blogger Template Download

[Free] Infinite JLB Best Blogger Template Download

hello my friends. today im gona tell you about Infinite JLB Best Blogger Template Download 

 Infinite JLB Best Blogger Template Download

 Infinite JLB is developed by Infinite AMP. This is a template that helps with SEO performance. Its meta category leads you to simplify the site with SEO. Also, the colorful design of the colorful UI is fun. Includes features such as a flexible title, high-profile ad, subscriptions and social sharing etc.

Infinite JLB  Features:

  • Canonical URL for AMP version
  • AMP HTML validation: pass 100%
  • Fully Responsive
  • Facebook Comment / Disqus Comment
  • FlatUI Color scheme
  • SEO Friendly
  • Superfast!
  • Valid Schema.org & Data Structure (blog posting)
  • Dynamic Heading
  • High CTR
  • Subscribe and Author Box
  • Social Share
  • Table of Content
  • No Javascript
  • Related Post
  • Top Banner Ad
  • OneSignal Push Notification

Before you proceed to download Infinite Amp blogger template read on How to Install Blogger Template