how to fix Low value content Google AdSense violation

how to fix Low value content Google AdSense violation


fix Low value content Google AdSense violation

It is irreverent to say that AdSense is one of the best and most trusted advertising networks in the world and many existing and new bloggers will love to use it as their way to make money if they want to use ads.

So going forward, gaining approval now in this era has been a major challenge for many bloggers who do not understand AdSense policy and as a result get results through rejection or unsolicited messages.

Note: The AdSense policy is one of the things you as a blogger need to talk about before you can get approval from them.

Truth be told, I also suffer the consequences of my action because I was denied 4 times before getting permission for the fifth time and before the approval of my blog which is the fourth unauthorized message of "less expensive content" I got ideas so I decided to come up with today's article. AdSense policy:

According to AdSense policy, the blog is permitted to meet all of their terms:

  • Content needs to be authentic, unique, new and not to record or handle any illegal activities such as (hacking, smoking, harmful, etc.)

  • Important pages like these (about us, contact, privacy, freebies) should be present on your blog

  • Choose a template that looks good and your blog should be easy to navigate.

  • You must have access to your website source code to enter the verification code

Now let me go with the steps I have taken to correct the "low value content" ban.

Extra note: No one including me understands how Google AdSense selects blogs to be approved but we can always learn from people's information and this article not only solves "low value content" and solves many negative messages.

1. Google Search Console:

Most bloggers do not know that submitting a site map to the Google search console is a way of AdSense approval. let me describe my experience; when I was building my blog I successfully installed a site map in the Google search console but noticed something, each time I posted a new article on my blog, which should have grown automatically after 24-48 hours on the map I posted, there was no 'Update so I knew there was what's wrong with settings. I deleted it and used the online sitemap generator to create another one and send it to the google search console and at the same time update it in my blogspot "settings" for custom robots. then I gave it 24 --- 48 hours and then logged into my Google search dashboard, it started to grow. so in a nutshell before applying for AdSense be sure to submit your site map correctly.
Click here to learn how to submit a site map for your blog to Google Search Console

2. Template with easy navigation:

What else does AdSense think about before approving the site, I found out I was alone when I applied for the fourth time when my template was not ready for AdSense even though I did not change it but rewrote it because I know my way on paper.
Here is what I did:
The template did not come with "homepage posts" which is also known as the subtitle under the post title, so I edited my blog template and included it. After that I split my posts into easy-to-navigate labels and created a map page where users could view everything I posted from the beginning of my blog so far.

So if you are not familiar with coding kindly turn your template into a cool, fun and unique template, I suggest you use a "news" or "magazine" template and make sure your audience can easily see what they want.

3. Include another post:

Every time you apply for AdSense develop the habit of having 4 to 5 postings down because this will not frustrate you when you receive a rejection message. like me after being rejected for the fourth time I published 13 posts, 3 daily for four days and on the fifth day I published the article in the morning and waited 12 hours before applying for AdSense.

Note: the value of the post does not matter or the length of the article but always make sure you write something logical, unique and at least 400 --- 500 words in each article.

The different articles I take here are not what other bloggers describe, such as posting something new that has never been seen in a search engine before, it is possible but my take here is to write from your experience, what you see around you, what emotions and others can hear and make sure you do enough research you want to include us before writing your article.
Additionally, you can use online websites to find content ideas for new topics in your niche:
      Contents of generator ideas
      Google Question Hub

4. Edit your articles:

Many bloggers do not edit their articles, even I do not know the news of the AdSense accreditation plan until I saw it on recently approved blogs so I decided to use it on my blog.
Here is the setting I take:
use default numbers or characters in your CMS platform eg (WordPress or blogspot).
use the section where needed.
the subheading and subheading should come after the title of the title if necessary.

5. Insert images:

Photos on a blog are not only decorative, they bring sales to the blog if used properly with the appropriate alt tag and aside are required by AdSense approval, and do not use copyrighted images from search engines, social media or anyone else on the blog.

you can download your photos or photos from pixabay, and be sure to convert the image at least with watermark or better edit it and write your blog post title on it.

6. Last but not least a few people visited your site:

I don't know if AdSense is considering consumer marketing but make sure before you apply you have people visiting your site every day, like me who shared what I posted on social media and found a few searchable sellers every two or three days.
The conclusion
Do not rush to submit your blog whenever you are not allowed to, always check your blog until you see anything wrong with your site before applying.
Also, as I mentioned earlier I posted a lot of 4-5 articles before resubmitting your blog URL for review.

I hope you enjoy reading this section, feel free to drop your comment and don't forget to share !!!