infinite amp blogger template free download

infinite amp blogger template free download
Infinite Amp Blogger Template is a customizable mobile phone and is a very fast "responsive blogger" example. Suitable for entertainment, Gossip blogs and viral content. Endless AMP is fast and responsive, also adapts to screen display size and uses the Disqus system for commenting and powerful capabilities to increase its loading speed.
infinite amp blogger template free download

Infinite Amp is a highly customizable and fast mobile "blogger template" best suited for entertainment, Gossip Blogging and Tech Niche, Infinite Amp is completely fast and responsive, also adapts to screen display size and uses the disqus comment system which is also equipped to compliment its loading speed

Features of Infinite Amp Blogger Template

  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Dynamic Heading
  • Easy Menu Navigation
  • Valid
  • High CTR
  • 2 Column
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Footer Menu
  • Related Posts
  • Search Box
  • Social Share Button
  • Shortcodes
  • Subscription Widget
  • Disqus Comments
  • Google Testing Validator

Features of a permanent AMP template

  • Responsive and portable AMP fully responsive to work well on all devices including (Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones).
  • SEO Friendly Infinite AMP is made with SEO and Ads are OK as you can place your ads almost everywhere (behind the blog head - at the bottom of the blog foot - in the middle of the grid post - at the top of the post - in the middle of the post - below the post)
  • Powerful Theme Change the look and feel of the theme in the theme.
  • Easy Menu Navigation Navigation menu navigation is very easy to access between sub menu and menu items.
  • The team of Valid Valid schema org based on construction.
  • High CTR Results are in AMP format and have a Click Click Rate at the top.
  • 2 Column Contains a popular 2 column format where you see content posted on the left and right side by side.
  • Breadcrumbs SEO is a friendly bread just before the post body starts.
  • Foot menu There is a three-foot section of columns that contains a foot menu at the end of the page.
  • Related Posts Only one post per related post category containing tags similar to the post above.
  • Search box There is a responsive search box to search for blog posts from the current screen.
  • Social Sharing Button has intuitive social sharing buttons on the post screen.
  • Shortcode Infinite AMP has a nice hand selected with short codes. All of these short codes in the demo are defined within the Scriptures.
  • Subscription Widget
  • Disqus Comments Infinite AMP Posts Comments system is built from zero. Every part of it has been modified to provide the best user experience and functionality. It has a box with a lot of fun feelings for users to use. It also supports Disqus comments program.
  • Google Testing Validator is successfully verified in the Google Structured Data Test Tool.

Before you proceed to download Infinite Amp blogger template read on How to Install Blogger Template

Infinite AMP Blogger Template Download