Optimizing page load speed for blogger

Optimizing page load speed for Blogspot,optimize blogspot to increase the speed of loading fast pages to achieve high results on google

 As we already know how  to optimize blogspot to increase the speed of loading fast pages to  achieve high results on google is essential for websites that sell online such as websites that sell fashion clothes or websites that sell natural cosmetics. , the web sells home appliances ...

However, with the extremely large number of images for a website is worrying, it affects the speed of loading fast or slow and affects the keywords displayed on google ... Since slow loading web does not only affect our economic development, but also our monthly income.

Optimizing page load speed for Blogspot 2
Optimizing page load speed for blogger

Optimizing page load speed for blogger

So to remedy this situation for you and are using a theme blogspot / blogger that should  speed up load the web  as quickly as possible, then in the article today I would like to share to everyone a  prime The right blog technique guides how to optimize the page load speed for  blogspot to  load extremely effectively and quickly after just a few steps. To do this you can do it in 3 ways as follows.

Option 1:

As is known in the blogspot templates under  Templates  > Editing  HTML we have the following basic structure.


And the basic thing to optimize page loading speed for blogspot your way, you just need to edit this layout a little bit as follows.

<head> changed to & lt; head & gt;
</head> changed to & lt; / head & gt; & lt;! - <head /> - & gt;
<body> changed to & lt; body & gt;
</body> changed to & lt;! - <body /> - & gt; or & lt;! - </body> - & gt; & lt; / body & gt;

Then proceed to save the template and test, you will feel the speed of loading blogspot page increases a lot. To test the page loading speed you can check HERE

Method 2: How to optimize blogspot download speed by hiding js.

By default viewsource you can see the default javascript code as follows :

<script type = "text / javascript" src = "// www.blogger.com/static/v1/widgets/1384195903-widgets.js”> </script>

You need to remove the above code and replace it with the following code: 

<script async = 'async' src = 'https: //ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.3/jquery.min.js'type='text/javascript'> </script>

Method 3:

 Delete 2 default default blogspot css files:

Step 1 : You visit the html of blogspot to search for the following code:   <b: skin> <! [CDATA [
Step 2 : Add the code   & lt;! - <style type = 'text / css' /> - & gt ; right before the above html code.

So, the optimization process to increase page load speed for blogspot with only 3 ways above is very simple but effective for you that is to improve your web loading speed quite quickly. In the process of doing, if you have any questions and do not understand where, please leave a comment below, I will support and guide enthusiastically.

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