what is amp [Accelerated Mobile page ]


what is amp [Accelerated Mobile page ]

The idea of ​​building a website varies by sharing your expertise, product information or services. Everyone has a unique way of expressing their knowledge and compressing their products online through websites. But there is one thing you need to do that is a very clean website.

You have to have a good template, which should be SEO friendly, mobile friendly, Adsense for ready and fast uploads. Let’s take a look at free blogger AMP free templates that you can’t ignore. I have shared the most popular, best-selling, premium quality AMP Blogger templates for your business, eCommerce, company, blog, affiliate marketing sites. Here you will find fast uploads and Ultra-SEO friendly AMP templates embedded with rich captions to identify all parts of your website and are listed in the SERP as well.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) -

Before moving on to the list of active AMP templates, first of all, we will have to examine more closely what this AMP means. People like to ask as many questions on Google as they like; What are Google's high-speed mobile pages? What is the AMP format? What does the AMP page say in SEO? What does Google AMP do? What is an AMP website? Do amps need https? How is AMP made? and so on.

Google announced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in October 2015. This framework allows you to create instantly downloaded mobile pages for your website. This is an open source platform specifically designed. It also allows publishers to improve speed. It also helps website owners to give their readers the best user experience on Mobiles.

The AMP page loads quickly at low internet speeds and as a result readers do not have to wait for the pages to load. Therefore, most publishers, site owners, etc. use this latest and most effective technology.

The biggest advantage of AMP is that it does not reduce ad revenue. So basically, AMP is a way to build pages that quickly deliver mobile devices. There are three basic functions; AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP CDN in which AMP operates. Also, SEO Optimization is equally important in building a template that helps increase traffic.

Do you have a blogger account? Are you using any blogspot site like example.blogspot.com


If so, this article will help you to get your blogger site one step further.

Yes, today's article will be special to all bloggers ... Because so far you have seen a typical blogspot site but after that your blogger site will work on the amp page.

Okay, we can now turn our blogger blog into a valid amp page that will make our site faster and will point our site faster.

So turn your website into a valid amp page just by looking at this article👉 Try These Fastest AMP Enable Blogger Template Free

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Lessons for Us:

  • What is AMP.
  • Why use AMP templates.
  • Ultra fast amp enables blogger templates.

What is AMP

AMP simply refers to the Accelerated Mobile page which reports on our speed blog / website that leads to more traffic.

AMP is especially important for those industries that want to share information quickly within hours.

For example, news channels. If you have seen any news channel other than you you will see that they have a light bulb on their website indicating that the website is AMP-enabled.

Note: You know, amp page indexes are fast for various search engines.

As mentioned above the amp page allows our website to quickly index search engines which is a very important feature of AMP.

So try using an amp on your site to quickly identify and look informed.

Why use AMP templates

The AMP website is best known for its key features and fast loading speeds that can load our site in seconds.

So, let’s find out about the features of the AMP website.

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