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Superfast Blogger Template

 Fast page loads are required to rank on google and get a lot of organic traffic to your blogspot.com blog, you can win with only using the default themes provided by bloggers, but you may miss out on a lot of features and awesome widgets which can be found in your own blogger template, which is, in this Super-fast blogger template is free of charge and a premium version as well. 

Well, SEO-optimized super-fast theme in order to give you the best of the best in the SEO results of all the tests. When you are using a Super fast-this template on your blogspot.com blog you will have the advanced features that come with this blogger template is a theme, to your blog is blazing fast, to your blog post is responsive and mobile-friendly, with different kinds of wedgies, in order to suit your requirements for speed of performance and the best user experience. 

High-speed template, comes in free and premium version, with custom HTML, CSS, and javascript, the premium version is available to download for you to pay off its cost, which is only $10 with further updates and premium support of templatesyard developers, free Super-fast, template, theme, available for all to download without any payments. 

Super fast Blogger Template is an amazingly designed, and fast-loading theme. Its stylish design and latest frame make it the preferred choice of many users. This theme is fast and is optimized compared to the previous versions of the program. This includes bloggers, a new structure, and a new comment system. You will also have space where you can put ads on. You will find this theme highly customizable. Multiple customization options to help create the most visually appealing and professional-looking blogs. It is ideal for those who wish to create dining, cinema, bank exams coaching, institutions, and other blogs.

Super fast blogger template is Free premium is a well-defined, precisely in order to provide the fastest download page, which is sensitive in order to be mobile, and also capable of reacting with any tv, desktop, tablet, mobile, and any other screen. With the responsiveness and a fixed sidebar with widgets (jquery dependency, and is required), so you can show it to your google absence or ads operator, in order to make money from your blog and get money. 

Superfast Blogger Template Features 

Super fast blogger template designer, created this Blogspot theme with optimized codes, HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to see all the widgets are responsive, the access codes for the sticky sidebar widgets (using jquery), footers, widgets, menu, ccs charger, and so on. 

The Hare is the main key features: 

  • Jquery Sticky sidebar widget 
  • Responsive blogger template ads in widgets 
  • The social media plug-in, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
  • popular posts already show on the sidebar
  • Subscription widget, youtube, and Facebook 
  • To view the tags, which is a category in the menu or you can view them as a key (the cloud of tags) 
  • Responsive header ads 728x80 dimension 
  • Search, blog, widget, 
  • Note-the system has support for three plug-ins, the Blogger comments Facebook comments and Disqus comments 
  • Social media sharing buttons to your posts, Whatsapp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others 
  • While the related posts widget 
  • Next and Previous buttons to help the user to navigate through the posts 
  • The Author, in order to provide a point in the brief, whether the following authors 
  • Footer widget with three columns 

Super fast blogger template's key features 

Here are the top features high-speed, blogger template, free premium features: 

Superfast Blogger Template Premium

  • In the free version, you are limited to one domain 
  • Some of the Javascript code that is locked 
  • The footer Credit Link (it can't be taken away, without having to redirect to 
  • no support at all 
  • No template is available, the update 
  • As encrypted the javascript in the size of the 
  • Page load speed isn't as quick as the premium version

Premium Superfast Blogger Template

  • Premium, super mall, can be used on multiple domains 
  • Every home is locked 
  • The footer credit link is removed, this template is the premium version of the 
  • This is a premium support service 
  • There is a new update, the notification about new edition 
  • First, the smaller the size of the 
  • Page speed is faster because it is the name of the great fast 
  • premium-the price is only $10 

How to install this is a SEO optimized blogger template 

In order to install this template on your blogspot.com the website, the blog, or just to do this: 

  • The download is a zip file of the template file 
  • Extract the downloaded template is a zip-file, 
  • open it .the XML file in your favorite text editor 
  • copy super-fast .the XML file content 
  • to your blogger account and search for the theme 
  • then, EDIT your HTML 
  • Click to select the entire contents and paste them into the drink .the XML you copied in the past 
  • Save the theme... 
  • Are you ready

The final word 

Now you can enjoy super-fast page speed of your blog on each of your blog posts. 

Things to be noted before, you will be able to download and install to your blogger template blogspot.com the blog, in this super-fast template, the theme of which we have mentioned in my introduction is available in two versions, a free and a premium level. 

If you want to use the free version does not remove credit footer link from the template, or you will lose a lot of valuable traffic to your site visitors will be redirected to the developer's website, this is much recommended to you to leave it as it is for you to the premium version is $10.

Download Updated : 1.0 Version