How To Fix server error (5xx) google search console

How To Fix server error (5xx) google search console Google Search Console is reporting a server error, it means that the Googlebot could not open the

 What is a 5xx Server Error? 

A server error (5xx) is an HTTP status code of the operation of a server, returns when a customer makes a valid request to the server, but the server cannot successfully complete the request. 

5xx: all of the HTTP status codes starting with 5, and then, among others, this includes the 500, 502 and 503 errors. 

A server error (5xx) are often referred to as a "5xx server error". This means that one and the same thing, and we're going to use them in the same way throughout the whole of this article. 

Why you should care about the 5xx server error

 5xx server errors present a huge problem, as they have the ability to directly damage your visitor's user experience. Be aware that having an e-commerce store, as well as your website visitors to stay against the wrong server. Do you think that they are going to continue to try and eventually buy something? 

No, they are not going to go next door and buy from the competition.

And what about the search engines like Google? If they get a 5xx server errors, even so, you probably don't have much to fear. However, if a 5xx server error is persistent, then it's likely that you're going to see a steady decline in organic traffic. 

In this article, we are going to cover why the 5xx server error is a bad thing for SEO, what is the most common 5xx server error, how to find out if your website, the server returns them to what is causing this, and how to fix them. 

Which server error (5xx) will damage your SEO performance 

We already know that the 5xx server errors, making for a very poor user experience. But it is also bad news for your SEO performance. 

Here's why:

1.When the search engine crawlers ("the spiders" from now on) must have consistently 5xx server errors while crawling your site, they will want to avoid adding to the performance of your site, so they have to turn back to their creep response. 

In essence, this means that a drop in your website's crawl budget. This will result in your content in order to get to (once again)to be indexed more slowly. 

Don't forget, if your content is not being indexed, it is of no importance. 

2.When the search engine spiders to keep these 5xx server errors to your URL, which is why they could provide, you worried about the sides, high in the search results? 

All site visitors may send your way will most likely to have a poor user experience. So, when a 5xx server error persists, the software will start to move down your Url, assign the lower positions, or to completely remove them from the search engine results pages (SERPs).

3.The page is not accessible to search engine spiders, they are not going to be able to (re), index them, and rank them. They don't know what the content is about, and such pages will not be to the surface of Google's search results. 

The bottom line is, you could have the best content in the world, with the strongest links to your site, but do you have a really hard time ranking your site is consistently suffer from the 5xx server error.

A Server Error (5XX) 

Google Search Console is reporting a server error, it means that the Googlebot could not open the URL, the request is timed out, or the place was very busy. As a result, Googlebot was forced to cancel the request. There are a variety of possible causes to this kind of error, you may need to take up this issue with your team or server, and as a host in some cases. 

Cause: the server returned a 500 error level when the page is requested. 

Fixing these errors: 

1. Dynamic side of the wishes of the cause of the excessive load time, check your reduce excessive body fat the page loads, if this is necessary. 

2. Make sure that your website hosting server is down, overloaded, or is configured incorrectly. 

3. Please make sure that your web site is not, the error is blocking Google. 

4. Control of the search engine site's crawling and indexing in a appropriate way, some webmasters are intentionally prevent Googlebot from accessing their sites to check the progress of it will be crawled and indexed. Please consult with your developer to make sure that your site is set up for optimal performance.