AdSense Account Disabled/ Banned or Suspended by Google

 To keep your Google Account secure by 2021 as Google AdSense, to serve together with the AdWords Advertisers and AdSense Publishers, and they have to keep both of them happy in their advertising. 

Advertisers pay for ads on Google and the AdSense that pays its Publishers, who provide the online platform to display Google Ads. The AdSense publishers to get their share of the income, i.e., 68% are from the AdSense program. 

As an AdSense Publisher, you will be required to comply with the terms and conditions and program policies of Google AdSense. Otherwise, your account will be shut down by Google for the interest of the Advertisers and users of any website or blog. 

Regardless of whether you are going to apply for AdSense, or if you have recently had your account is approved, a new AdSense publisher, or if you are using AdSense on your website for a long period of time, you will need to have to understand clearly and to comply with all the guidelines of Google AdSense the Program is updated from time to time.

How to Keep your AdSense Account Safe 

So, let us discuss in brief some of the most commonly violated policies of the AdSense Program, to keep your account safe from being deactivated by Google. 

Invalid Clicks and Impressions 

Invalid clicks: one click on your Google Ads like this, but with a deep interest in. In other words, you should not use any deceptive software/tool that will generate clicks or impressions. 

Never click on the Ads live on your own website, either for testing purposes or to obtain the URL for advertisers. You can use the ad review center facility, which is mentioned in your account during the Blocking of the controls in the sidebar. 

Example 1: Mr. John, an AdSense publisher's furniture company, sends the AdSense ad unit code, Daily, Monthly E-newsletters to their clients and customers, along with the product details.

He assumes that it doesn't violate AdSense policies, since the client will have to click on the Ads only if they are interested. 

answer:, Google has discontinued AdSense for feeds, December 3, 2012. If you are using AdSense in RSS Feeds, you will see blank ads. 

Further, Google is strict, saying in his the AdSense placement of the policy to the top of the page should not be placed in inappropriate places such as pop-ups, emails, or software. 

Therefore, regardless of the users (Customers/clients) in the interest of the advertisements displayed in the E-mail, Mr. John, has violated the AdSense program policies, such as his account was suspended. 

Encouraging clicks 

You should not place misleading images next to Ads or use the labels/phrases on the Google search Ads as the "You May Also Like", or the "Recommended for you", or, "Click the Ads," "Support Us," "Medium," "Visit these Links" or "My favorite" or "best Deals", etc

However, Google will only allow two of the label, i.e. the "Ads" or "Sponsored Links," which can be used to differentiate Ads from the rest of the contents of your blogger blogs and websites. It is not mandatory to use the title of the Google Ads, you can also use the CSS margin of the codes to distinguish it from any of your web sites content. Make sure that you did not have the format of ads that are not separate from the rest of the content on the page. 

You should not be encouraging, either by the user or any third party, and compensate them for the clicks/impressions that are generated by them. To place your AdSense ad unit code in a floating frame is strictly prohibited. 

Example 2: if the Wife of a Truck, having a google AdSense enabled, the site Her husband, it is a fundamental principle of a university is to encourage the students to visit the and click on the Ads, which are beneficial for them and they are interested in. She believes that these activities will not be counted as invalid clicks and impressions.

answer: Google is smart enough to detect unnatural, clicks, and views on your AdSense ads, using automatic systems and manual reviews by the experts. So, please, please, please do not invite users, including, your friends and family to visit your website and encourage them to click on your Google Ads, to live it on your websites or blogs. 

Content guidelines 

You should not show Ads on a web page that contains unlawful, harmful to the individual or to the group in any way. 

Make sure that your website's content with AdSense-language (English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, etc, in place of, Hindi (India), Nepali (Nepal), Malay (Malaysia), Persian, etc 

A website, on your blog/website, may not display Google ads, which contain the copyright content/images/files, or the content without the permission of the owner or the holder of the right by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). Never place your AdSense ad unit codes for on-the-spot offers that are fake and are identical products, which trademark/brand name to a different one. 

Example 3: Mr. Peter made a BlogSpot blog, and has published hundreds of original content. After a year out of AdSense approval, he bought a domain for the blog post. Due to the lack of time and a full-time job, he began to publish the news, and content from, other websites, and, at the end of each post, he will give a backlink to the original blog/website. He believes that he will comply with the AdSense policies.

Answer: Just give the credit to the original post will never have to make your website's content, creative, and unique in the eyes of Google. To buy a domain name, which will not affect your site and your AdSense Policy enforcement. No matter if you've got more than a hundred of the original content, to Mr. Peter's website that he is not stuck with the AdSense policies in terms of Content and, therefore, his account will be disabled immediately whenever his website is crawled out of the AdSense spiders. 

Whatever happens, I will send you the adult, traffic of my AdSense approved site? 

The sexually explicit content of the AdSense publishers are not permitted to insert the AdSense code on a web page that includes sexually explicit material, images, audio, or video games, etc, does AdSense will never allow any adult content, or an adult of the traffic source to an approved AdSense account

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is no Adult, no ad network or affiliate uses such methods to direct traffic to your Google AdSense approved sites. 

How to fix the content policy, error in AdSense? 

To determine the policy of the contents of the error of the AdSense program, you must meet the following: 

  1. Illegal content. 
  2. The offensive content. 
  3. Misrepresentative content. 
  4. Adult content. 
  5. Content promoting child sexual exploitation or sexual abuse of a child; and 
  6. The language is not supported.

Traffic sources 

According to the Google AdSense program policies, AdSense publishers must not place Google Ads on a website, which receives operating from some sources. This means that you will be responsible for participating in all of the services that are pay-to-click, or click-exchange programs, or services, link building, etc 

In other words, the site is operating from Organic sources (search engines) is more reliable than other sources, such as Direct referrals. 

Example 4: A website owner has to pay money to an agency that has a lot of link-building sites. In his place, traffics increasing with the 4 or 5 are comparing to his previous sailing. For analysis on his website, traffics, he's going to feel like the ply of the search engines is very small, while operating from a referral, more than 75 percent of all the shots.

Answer: The trick is to be applied by the owner, is nothing, but to be treated like to buy link building services. Therefore, it is against the AdSense policy in the field of income to disable your ad on this site or to deactivate the account forever and ever. 


Google's AdSense has been given to the advertising policy, so that the publishers may not place AdSense ad unit Codes in the HTML code of a web page in a manner that gives rise to the accidental ad clicks and impressions to the interest of the AdWords Advertisers, and users. 

Be careful when you are at the time of placing Google Ads in just under the drop-down menu or customize the/ closest to the images, which is similar ads or Navigation (Paging), buttons or a download link/button, or video, as this can lead to accidental clicks.

Example 5: A blogger, has put the AdSense Ads to be adapted to the image in each of the blog posts in such a way that it looks like it's related to the advertisement. He is also the possibility to only show ads to only display photos/the flash, rich media ads or text ads), in particular to the AdSense ad unit. 

Answer: This is the practice of increasing the clicks of AdSense income for the publishers, which, at the time, or in one month. However, these are AdSense earnings will depend on the accidental click, and Google treats invalid click activity very seriously. Therefore, Google AdSense account for bloggers is going to be turned off to protect the AdWords advertisers. Google will immediately stop any and all payments due; movement and all results will be returned to the affected advertisers.