Fiksioner v3 The Best Free Blogger Theme

Fiksioner v3 The Best Free Blogger Theme

 Fiksioner v3 is currently a free blogger theme available for free! It emphasizes customization, but it still has a beautiful interface.

Fiksioner v3 The Best Free Blogger Theme
Fiksioner v3 The Best Free Blogger Theme

Ignite has outdone itself in the latest fixing update!  Fiksioner  v3 is finally gone now. The updated theme should have better compatibility with the new Blogger system. It also has a modern interface while maintaining the elegant simplicity of  Fiksioner .

I have now installed Fixsioner v3 on one of my blogs to test out the fixes. I'm not exaggerating that it's infinitely better than Fixioner V2. The V3 has undergone drastic changes and now looks completely different than the V2.

You can download the Fixioner V3 from the official  Ignial website. You can also read the detailed official conversion record there. This article or section requires sources or references that appear in reliable, third-party publications.

Fiksioner V3 is still free

I was surprised that Fiksioner V3 is still free. The interface, features, and performance are all top-notch. Fiksioner v3 is better than some premium blogger themes.

Previously, there was no option to remove the credit footer. However, for those who want to remove it, Igneel will now give you a premium option. Currently, the price is only $15 (Rp100,000 if you are Indonesian).

There is no difference between premium Fiksioner and free version. You can still have the same full functionality as in the free version. The premium version only gives you the ability to remove the footer.

So is it still worth spending $15 on the premium version? what yes! Especially if you have money to save. Otherwise, no big deal, the free version with the credit footer is fine.

There are at least two good reasons the premium version is worthwhile (except for the footnote removal):

  • As I said earlier, Fixioner definitely has a premium price. If Fixioner is premium only, then Gate 15 will be cheaper for you.
  • Support Theme Maker! Igneel Fixianer may have made a premium, but he did not. His quality as a template designer reflects this. He is not greedy, so his hard work is rewarded!

The free version of Fixer is perfectly fine if you don't have the money. There's no locking feature on the back of the payload, so you'll have the same smell of premium Verizon. The immutable footer is short and elegant. This will not reduce the expertise of your blog!

Fiksioner  v3 is easy to install

Now you can easily edit Fiksioner feature from blogger layout menu. This is a great game-changer for mobile bloggers. You can easily set up Fiksioner from your phone as well.

Previously, to set a theme, a blogger theme had to edit it with Edit HTML. Hard to find code to edit.

Now, Fixer is very easy to install. You don't need to search code from a confusing HTML editor. You can edit menus and other features from Layout right now.

Dressing up is easy and clear! Check out my Fiksione performance on this blog.

Fiksioner  v3 has an amazing interface

Title position fixed. No change when scrolling down. I think this is a good thing because having a standard menu reduces layout changes.

Changing menus in v2 is unrestricted. It was handled neatly. However, the standard menu on the V3 works well for me. This means that there will be better visual consistency on the blog.

Fiksioner  v3 includes a floating sidebar! This is a wonderful addition. But be careful, don't put Adsense ads on the floating sidebar as I believe it is against policy. The floating sidebar is a great place to display more affiliate products or your non-AdSense ads.

Speaking of ads, Fiksioner v3 already has ad space on the homepage!

The comments section has also changed. Now it looks very attractive. I have no problem with the V2's simple concept interface, but the update isn't bad.

Some have complained that the small size of the V2 homepage is not good. Personally, I don't care, that's fine. Now the thumbnail will be bigger in size and square.

Fiksioner v3 now supports GA from the Blogger Dashboard

This may be a small change for most bloggers who do not use Google Analytics (GA), but it is a game-changer for me. No need to put a manual GA tracking code on the head.

Previously, entering the tracking ID on your Blogger dashboard will not work because the theme doesn't fit. This may cause loading problems. Simplified code is always better.

Now, you can put the Tracking ID on the Blogger Dashboard, and GA will work. This eliminates the need to put JavaScript code in the head, so that the loading speed of your blog is not affected.


There are additional updates that I have not mentioned in this post. If you want to know more about Fiksioner v3, then directly visit the official website of Ignial. Download this theme from official source.

I can't wait to install Fixsioner v3 on Sofanmax. Note that this is still a new release, so there may be minor bugs in the theme. If you find an error, please report it to the ignition. You can leave a comment below and I will definitely send the information to the engineer.

The best way to appreciate the new Fixer V3 is to install it yourself. I guarantee you will like it.