Premium Free Fletro Lite Responsive Blogger Template

 Download the premium version of Flatro Lite Responsive Blogger Template for free with high-speed Google Drive. Flatro Lite is a very clean and very fast AMP Blogger template. This template is very fast and SEO-friendly as compared to other blogger templates. Flatro is built specifically for mobile users but is responsive to any device and any screen resolution. Users can deliver your website with very slow internet speed and it will not affect them

Flatro Lite is a great affordable premium blogger theme. It is lightweight but comes equipped with various upgrades.
I am a big fan of the simple and lightweight blogger theme. A good Blogger theme or template should be easy to navigate and fast to load. It should be simple and have a nice interface. For that, I recommend the Flatro Lite.

Flatro Lite is a premium blogger theme designed by Mohamed Mackie. He is an Indonesian designer, Jaco Desen, who specializes in branding, designing themes and personal applications, UI/UX for micro and medium businesses.

Jaco Design is dedicated to providing you affordable premium blogger themes. Unlike other integrated theme or download websites, Jako Design creates its own basic Blogger premium templates.

There are many premium templates made by Jaco Desson, but I was impressed with Flatro Lite. For Indonesians interested in purchasing this template, you only need to pay Rp100,000.

For foreigners, I hope you pay $20 via PayPal and you get all Flattro theme variants (Pro, Lite, and AMP). This is a great and cheap deal. If you only want to buy the Lite version, you can do so after first contacting customer service.

Plus, you only have to buy the theme once. Whenever you receive a theme update you will not be asked to pay extra. If you buy now, you will get lifetime support!

Once you have purchased it, you can use this theme on many blogs. Please note that you are not allowed to redistribute or resell the theme to third parties. If you do so, you will not be allowed to update your theme for free and you will not receive support.

What does a flattro light look like?

Flatro and its variants have modern UI/UX. The code writing system has also been simplified. Even with modern features, the Flatro Lite loads quickly.

The most notable features of Flatro Lite are as follows:

excellent mobile navigation system

Flatro Lite has vertical and horizontal navigation menus. This feature lets visitors to your website easily.

For mobile viewing, include hamburger navigation on the Flatro Lite. Like most modern websites the menu will pop out of the sidebar. The hamburger menu is now the standard navigation system for mobile phones.

responds to lazy loading

Lazy loading is a feature that prioritizes loading the area where a website can be viewed first. It is a fast and efficient way to load websites. Flatro Lite includes a responsive lazy loading feature.

Images and script code will be loaded on a priority basis. In fact, Flatro Lite (and its variants) is the only premium blogger theme that supports built on Adsense, lazy to load!

We know that third-party scripts like AdSense and Google Analytics often slow down the loading. In Blogger, there are not many premium themes to deal with the problem. Flatro Lite is designed to be as simple and fast as possible.

advanced feedback system

By default, Blogger's feedback system offers limited functionality. Flatro is an improved version of Lite. Now you can embed photos, quotes, code snippets, and sort through old or new ideas!

This feature is great for those of you who prefer a built-in feedback system instead of third-party systems like Disqus.

Improved Page Features

Flatro Lite includes many small improvements so that your articles have a smoother and better design. Additional CSS is easy to use and can improve the design of your article.

Questions include side menu, separator, different styles of quote module, advanced video, syntax highlights, and many more features. You can see all the features on the page and how to use them from the Flatro documentation.


Because of the advanced features, installing Flatro Lite will not be easy. You will be asked to learn a little bit about HTML. Some features in Flatro Lite may require you to edit the HTML file.

If you don't know the code, luckily you can ask for support. Jako Desai's customer service is paramount and responsive! You can contact Jaco Designs via WhatsApp.

Comparison of Flatro Light with Fixer

Fixing is the current theme of Sophonemax. It has the same design philosophy as the Flatro Lite. Blogger's lightweight theme is equally great, so it's interesting to compare the two.
In terms of features, the flatro is ahead of the light fixer. There are not many offers on Fixioner or any other theme. Fixer also isn't great when it comes to mobile navigation due to its lack of a hamburger menu. Meanwhile, the flatro light is very unique and complete.

However, Fixer is easy to use.Flatro Lite is easy to install and customize. You can do this from the Layout menu in the Blogger Dashboard. Flatro Lite will ask you to edit the code in HTML mode, which isn't something everyone can do (especially if you're mobile).

The Flatro Lite and Fixer Premium versions are similar in terms of price, both available for around $10. However, Fixer also comes in a free version (and retains the full functionality).

The Flatro Lite, on the other hand, is definitely premium. There is no free version for this. So if you want free themes then Fixioner is at the fore.

However, the Flatro Lite is even cheaper at the end of the day considering its rare features. Great choice if you are looking for a premium blogger theme!