MagOne Blogger Template for Responsive News

Magone v6.9.47

 Magone v6.9.47 is among the largest seller-responsive wallpapers and ThemeForest Blogger magazine. MagOne dragged and discarded the feature of build

It is the most popular and fully customizable news and Magazine Blogger Template that further enhances AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and all these options that require active bloggers.

MagOne Blogger Template

MagOne - Responsive News & Magazines The Blogger Template is one of ThemeForest's best-selling Blogger magazine magazines and magazines. MagOne - The Blogger Template for Responsive News and News has dragged and discarded the Blogger website building feature in minutes.

Key Features of  MagOne - Responsive News & Magazines Blogger Template

  • Drag and drop the builder widget: you only need to modify the parameters and send the widgets to any location for any layout you need.
  • Flexible Menu Navigation: helps drag, mega hyperlink group, label label label, and icons.
  • Response: you gave all the best checks on Google's mobile phones. 100% effective with any cell phone and tablet.
  • Multiple Comment Programs: Facebook, Google+, Blogger, and Disqus apps can work.
  • Custom Archive page designs: determine any label/search/archive page layouts as you need with the ability to navigate with the navigation buttons.
  • Mega main menu: help with Ajax content, group links, down, thumbnails and open a new window feature.
  • Floating Menu: You can adjust the navigation menu by scrolling up or down or individually.
  • Sticky sidebar: Set up your own sidebar revenue.
  • Shortcode Ready: you can easily create content with various customized shortcodes.
  • Custom Post Title Design: Easy change to publish your important design with the Blogger default editor.
  • Sub Support Title: You can add a publishing subtitle and decide on a custom-made fashion.
  • Smart Breadcrumb: unparalleled bread of different templates, our bread will introduce labels as direct robot order.
  • Correct Widgets: The template has a variety of built-in widgets: article widgets (slide, sticky, complex, carousel, single column, two columns, three columns, blog usage, left and right), image capture widgets, a variety of.
  • Post Pagination: you can split long print details into pages with a simple shortcode.
  • Responses, Locations, Share Buttons, Author Box, Related Posts are all provided: we do not miss any aspect of the content of your article, just focus on your content, we will deal with your website interface.
  • Complete Template Designer: help more options from Blogger customizer further. This template has various widths.
  • Template options have a nice UI to change template options easily with the SpotSettings tool.
  • Multilingual Ready: template helps SpotLingo to translate into any language ​​easily and efficiently with any RTL language.
  • Support Service: effective texts and has some ways to help (remote desktop, login as a member, send an email directly).
MagOne v6.0 is one of ThemeForest's best-selling newspapers and magazines ThemeForest. Drag and drop to create a Blogger website in minutes. and You Can Download Previous versions of this Blogger MagOne template v5.5.0 - Responsive News & Blogger Theme Magazine. For more information on this Blogger template Please click on the Demo Button.