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Hello friends, again I will share a Blanter Orbit template that can help you to be more enthusiastic in blogging, the template that I share this time does carry a theme with a fairly simple appearance so that blog owners don't need to edit a lot of features that are quite time-consuming.

The settings for each part of this template are also very easy because there is almost no need to have coding skills at all. Buddy can edit 90% of the features of this template only through the layout, ranging from colors that can be edited through the customize blogger feature, navigation menu, widgets, almost all of which can be accessed through the layout.

I share this template for free, but later there will be a premium version with additional features such as store features or product sales. The loading speed of this template also doesn't need to be doubted because it gets a green value.

Pagespeed Insight
Pagespeed Insight

Responsive Blogger Template for Blanter Orbit Premium

Blanter orbit Blogger template is a clean responsive blogger template with a beautiful architecture that allows you to focus on content that includes technology, games, travel destinations, movies, blogger magazines, new items, etc. with an attractive and versatile shade combination.

With Ricochet’s level of attention, while expanding the presentation of promotions, this content will make your visitors see with a growing eye while adding to the revenue you earn from advertising. some of you.

 this template design is different from the usual simple template, I made some positions unique and also made it easier in terms of user experience. Especially in the design and position of related posts, share posts, breadcrumbs, comment designs, and also the author column that looks different...

Blanter Orbit

In addition to templates for writing blogs, Dunia Blanter also provides many premium quality templates with the best support, ranging from Shop templates, Landing templates and also includes providing redesign and design services that you can order directly via the contact form.

Blanter Orbit Blogger Template is a future-looking and attractive theme with a well-designed structure. It is a fully responsive theme with a high-quality code structure. This amazing team is well-designed and stylish. This is a highly developed theme that combines a variety of features. It is one of the most beautiful and customized themes, combining a variety of customization options. Allows you to change the theme range, colors, font styles, hover effects, background, font type, and much more.

Blanter Blogger Template Orbit Features

  • his team is very good at creating blogs in news magazines, and you can make blogs about technology, sports, newspaper, beauty, food, sports, etc. This team is pre-built with RTL support which means it supports left-handed right. This is one of the kindest and most beautiful themes with so many options. Slideshow, 
  • Blue, 
  • White,
  •  Black,
  •  Green, 
  • Gallery, 
  • 3 Column, 
  • Ready for Ads, 
  • 1 Side Bar, 
  • 1 Side Bar, 
  • Clean, Minimalist, 
  • Seo Ready, Magazine, 
  • Free Premium, 
  • Right Sidebar, 
  • Post Thumbnails, 
  • Response, 
  • Public Bookmarks OK, 
  • Drop Menu, 
  • 2 Columns, Instant Upload, 
  • Browser Compatibility, WhatsApp Sharing, Good, Google, 
  • AMP,
  •  Blogger Layout Version 3.0, Mega Menu, Technology.

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That's the template that I can share this time, to support free version updates only if there is a special update and other updates only for premium version buyers. Keep up with updates on this blog by bookmarking, subscribing, and commenting about this template.


Version 1.0 (28 November 2020)
- Release

Versi 1.5 (Special Premium) (10 Desember 2020)
- Update Simple Shop Features
- Update Feature Dark Mode
- Optimize Blogger Customize Features
- Improved Post Structure with Products